Fastest Clock in the Universe

Written by Philip Ridley | Directed by David Oliver

About the Play

Torn Space Theater continues its retrospective of contemporary British drama, building on our previous Western New York premieres of two plays by Sarah Kane

Other than productions in New York and Los Angeles, playwright Philip Ridley has been little produced in America. Torn Space will present the Buffalo premiere of his play, The Fastest Clock in the Universe, directed by David Oliver. East London serves as the constant setting for his strangely redemptive plays, where his characters are often products of trash culture and a dangerous encroaching society, manufacturing magical fantasies in their struggle against fearful realities. Their world of misguided desires is genuinely unique, rich in thematic layers and darkly funny.


Anthony Chase, Artvoice

“Torn Space Theater has given The Fastest Clock in the Universe a handsome production at the Adam Mickiewicz Dramatic Circle, under the meticulous direction of David Oliver.… He has directed this script with delightfully deliberate overtones of Harold Pinter, including the unrelenting sense of menace with its underlying sense of unlikely comedy. Oliver gives the script a most compelling outing, one that is certain to attract local interest both in the playwright who wrote it and in the capable actors who bring it to life.”

“Richard Lambert plays Captain Tock with a wonderfully forlorn and fatalistic manner…”

“Candice Kogut is especially winning as Sherbet Gravel…”

“Mike Renna as Cougar Glass and Justin Fiordaliso as Foxtrot Darling throw themselves into their roles with fully committed abandon…”

“Ron Schwartz’s shadowy environment provides the perfect setting for the murky doings of the play. Guy Wagner’s malevolent fight choreography sets the perfect tone for the climactic scene.”


Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

“In a fast paced and rough edged production directed by David Oliver, Torn Space brings the work of British playwright Ridley to Western New York audiences for the first time. This particular production benefits from an excellent set by Ron Schwartz and fine direction by Oliver.”

“… Candice Kogut steals the show… Justin Fiordaliso makes a strong impression… Performances by Richard Lambert and Mike Renna are sincere and compelling…”

“…a production that is wonderfully strange and rare enough in these parts to demand our attention.”


Willy Rogue Donaldson, Night-Life Magazine

“The audience loved the production and gave it a standing ovation!”

“Fine acting by Mike Renna, Justin Fiordaliso, Candice Kogut, Joy Scime and pariicularly Richard Lambert…”