Torn Space Theater COVID-19 Safety Measures


General Protocol

When on-site, the following safety measures must be maintained by all (this includes patrons and Torn Space personnel including performers, crew, volunteers, and management staff):

Social Distancing

  • Audience seating will be at least six feet apart.
  • Event staff will help guide social distancing at entrances and exits.
  • Capacity will be very limited in an expansive setting capable of holding over 500 people.
  • All tickets will be pre-purchased with no on-site box office or concessions transactions. Patrons will need to show proof of purchase to staff, either a print at home ticket or smartphone receipt.
  • The large performance space allows plentiful room for social distancing .
  • If maintaining a six foot radius is not possible for any reason, (ex. emergency access, inquiries) face masks must be used.
  • Entry and exits will be staggered by nature of the spacious event and with assistance of personnel guidance.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Torn Space will provide face masks for crew, cast, volunteers and patrons on-site, including specially-designed masks for performances that audiences and performers will wear.
  • Patrons must wear a mask when attending Torn Space’s production of Silence. Patrons may use personal masks of an acceptable design:
    • Medical – paper, surgical, N95 or other
    • Fabric – handmade/sewn, ready-made
    • Masks must be worn over nose and mouth to provide proper protection against the spread of infection.
    • Actors will pass through audience at various moments during the performance, so masks must be worn even when audience is seated.


  • Hand sanitizing stations will be established for audience and backstage use.
  • Sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol will be provided. Sanitizer should be left to dry on the skin, not wiped off after application.


  • Signage on-site will remind everyone of proper social distancing, mask usage, and hand sanitization
  • Torn Space will emphasize social distancing/PPE guidance and instruction in marketing/event descriptions.
  • Targeted e-mails will remind patrons about the event safety precautions and sanitizing protocols and their role in maintaining social distancing.


Thank you for helping us create performance in a healthy environment during this difficult time. The success of our work relies on your support and adherence to the current COVID-19 safety guidelines as listed above, required by the Federal and the New York State authorities. We will ask our visitors to exercise social distancing practice, wear masks, and follow Torn Space attendance guidance during the performance.