Torn Space Theater COVID-19 Safety Measures



  • Vaccinations
    • All patrons must show proof of vaccination to enter a Torn Space indoor performance until further notice to help keep slow the surge of the Delta variant covid infections.
  • Contact Tracing
    • All names and addresses of patrons will be collected with ticket purchases in the event that a coronavirus case is found to have been on-site at some point during the production.
  • PPE
    • Audiences will be notified that masks are mandatory for entry, TST will provide masks to those without.
  • Social Distancing
    • Entry and exits to Torn Space events will be staggered when possible and Torn Space staff/volunteers will guide patrons to sit in 6’ spaced seating and maintain distance when moving through the site.

Technical Crew

  • Vaccination/Testing
    • All staff must be vaccinated for indoor production work. For outdoor production work, staff may show proof of negative covid test taken within 72 hours of time on-site.
  • Contact Tracing
    • All technical crew (technicians, designers) must fill out the health survey before entering the work site for performances.
  • Social Distancing
    • Technicians running the performance will have to maintain 6 ft distance – multiple tents for sound and light cueing, or run cues on iPad, OR 1 person will run both. This will be determined by Production Manager based on design needs. 
    • If a 6 ft distance is impossible to maintain outside, crew must use masks. Crew must always use masks indoors. If using high-touch equipment, gloves must be used. This PPE will be provided on-site by Torn Space.
  • Sanitization
    • Any surfaces used by multiple technicians (laptop, light board, etc) must be wiped with sanitizing wipes regularly between uses. This will be mitigated as much as possible and necessity will be determined by Production Manager.


  • Vaccination
    • All actors must be vaccinated to perform in a Torn Space production due to the intimate nature of backstage and onstage work.
  • Social Distance
    • Actors will put on costumes and make-up and manage performance preparation at home or before entering the performance site. This is necessary due to the lack of adequate green room space for the maintenance of social-distancing on premises. 
    • Actors will be responsible for notifying stage manager if costume needs maintenance. Mask washing will be the responsibility of the actor.
  • Contact Tracing
    • Actor must fill out health survey before entering site for performances.

General Protocol

When on-site, the following safety measures must be maintained by all (this includes patrons and Torn Space personnel including performers, crew, volunteers, and management staff):

  • Social Distancing 
    • 6 foot distance must be maintained between people when on-site. 
    • For audiences, this will be enforced by specified 6-foot-distanced seating arrangements, staggered entry, and guidance by event personnel/volunteers. 
      • Capacity will be limited to 33% or a maximum of 100 persons indoors, or a maximum or 200 outdoors.
      • All tickets will be pre-purchased with no on-site box office.
      • Sale of beer and wine will occur with bar tenders in N-95 masks and distanced when possible.
    • For personnel, time on-site will be limited and performers/crew will be scheduled in shifts as much as possible to avoid contact. Indoor work will occur masked and with open windows and doors, including nano wall or garage door as applicable, when possible.
      • If maintaining a six foot radius is not possible due to work requirements (ex. lifting heavy objects that require 2+ people), a face mask must be used.
    • No intimate scenework will occur between actors, spacing will be maintained in show choreography.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Torn Space will have extra face masks for crew, cast, volunteers and patrons on-site.
    • Everyone on-site must wear a mask indoors and when within six feet of another person outside, except when an actor is performing. They may use personal masks of an acceptable design:
      • Medical – paper, surgical, N95 or other
      • Fabric – handmade/sewn, ready-made
    • Masks must be worn over nose and mouth to provide proper protection against the spread of infection.
    • Personnel are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of their own masks. If this is not possible, Torn Space will have extra masks on-site.
    • When handling shared objects, crew must wear gloves. Gloves will be provided by Torn Space.
  • Sanitization
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be established for audience and backstage use. Sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol will be provided. Sanitizer should be left to dry on the skin, not wiped off after application.
    • Bathrooms are available for hand washing at Duende for performances. Hand washing with soap for 20 seconds is shown to be effective for removing coronavirus from the hands.
    • Shared spaces/objects will be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes technical equipment (ex. sound/light boards, specifics to be determined on-site) and shared port-o-johns which will be reserved for cast and crew and cleaned multiple times daily with log.
  • Contact Tracing and Infection
    • All personnel will be required to fill out a simple survey any time they enter the work site, documenting the days that they enter the site and their health and well-being for that day. This information will help us to contact trace others on-site in the event of a detected infection. 
      • Paper copies of the survey will be available on-site as well.
    • If any personnel becomes infected with coronavirus, they must immediately notify Torn Space management and quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. Anyone who may have come in contact with the infected person must get tested and/or quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. Torn Space will immediately notify local and state health departments and comply with contact tracing efforts while maintaining HIPAA.
  • Vaccination and Self-Testing
    • Before entering the production site, and in accordance with NYS health mandates, all staff, cast and crew must provide either (1) proof of negative Covid test result taken within 72 hours of their first day on-site OR (2) provide proof of completion of vaccination series at least 14 days prior to the their first day on-site. Torn Space encourages all staff, cast, and crew to complete the COVID-19 vaccination series.


  • Social Distancing
    • Remote rehearsals will be held via videoconferencing when possible to avoid contact.
    • On-site rehearsals will be distanced, masked, and outdoors when possible.
    • When on-site, a 6-foot distance will be kept between people at all times. When a 6 foot distance is not able to be maintained outdoors, acceptable masks must be used. Masks are mandatory indoors at all times. Personal masks may be used, Torn Space will have extra masks on-site.
  • Contact Tracing
    • Actors, crew and staff must complete health survey before entering work-site.
      • It is the responsibility of the Artistic Director to inform the Infection Mitigation Coordinator (Marisa Caruso) of daily scheduled performers on-site. 
      • It is the responsibility of the Production Manager/Tech Director to inform the IMC of daily scheduled crew.
      • It is the responsibility of any individual installation designers to inform IMC when they are on-site. 
      • IMC doubles as volunteer coordinator and will track volunteer schedule.
      • IMC will then check to ensure all surveys have been completed. 
  • Sanitization/PPE
    • Tent area with hand sanitizer, water, first aid and extra PPE will be available.



  • Personnel will receive a digital copy of the Torn Space Health Safety Plan. Signing of contracts will include agreement to comply with mandates established in the safety plan.
  • Signage on-site will remind everyone of proper social distancing, mask usage, and hand sanitization. 


  • Torn Space will include social distancing/PPE guidance and instruction in all marketing/event descriptions.
  • Torn Space will make the Health Safety Plan available to patron viewing via website.
  • Targeted e-mails will remind patrons about the event safety precautions, sanitizing protocols and their role in maintaining social distancing.
  • Signage on-site will remind patrons of proper mask use, social distancing, and hand sanitizing.


  • Managing Director/Infection Mitigation Coordinator will manage all implementation and documentation of this safety plan with cleaning log and health survey log.

Thank you for helping us create performance in a healthy environment during this difficult time. The success of our work relies on your support and adherence to the current COVID-19 safety guidelines as listed above, required by the Federal and the New York State authorities. We will ask our visitors to exercise social distancing practice, wear masks, and follow Torn Space attendance guidance during the performance.