Groupwork presents Jake Muir & JS

June 22, 2024 6:30-10:30pm

Torn Space Theater – 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo

Tickets: $20 General

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Step into “Inversion/Presence,” an experience curated to explore the transformative power of sound in a space where perceptions are subtly distorted, reshaping what is near and what is far. Hosted by Groupwork, who designed and performed last year’s middle distance: a guided calibration at Torn Space, this event continues their commitment to crafting environments that are both compressed and expanded by sound and light.

The evening features performances by two influential figures in the experimental ambient scene. Jake Muir, a Berlin-based musician, is known for his glacial, intimate, and unsettling productions that mesh sculpted field recordings with intricately dissected samples. Jesse Sappell leads Motion Ward, the Los Angeles-based label distinguished by its carefully curated selection of abstract electronic music, dream pop, and ethereal techno, showcasing some of the scene’s most significant artists.

Together, the collective will craft an encounter that alters and enhances our perception of sound, shaping the venue into a dynamic expanse, where each note and silence holds weight, coalescing the inner space with the outer reaches.