Blood on the Cat’s Neck

Written by Rainer Werner Fassbinder | Directed by Dan Shanahan (2013)
Performed by

Jessica Wegrzyn — Phoebe Zeitgeist

Angie Shriner — The Girl

Diane Gaidry — The Mistress

Becky Globus — The Dead Soldiers Wife

Johnny Toohill — The Lover

Andy Kottler — The Teacher

James Wilde — The Soldier

Ivan Rodriguez — The Policeman

Bonnie Jean Taylor — The Model

Production Crew

Dan Shanahan — Director

Emily Pedersen — Stage Manager

Matt Biehl — Assistant Stage Manager

Gary Ptak — Production Manager

Dan Tonner — Production Assistant

Production Crew

Kristina Siegel — Set Design

Brian Milbrand —  Video Design and projection layout

Patty Rihn — Lighting Design

Justin Rowland — Sound Design

Adriano Gatto — Fight Choreography

Tom Holt — Illustration for Video and projection layout

Jess Wegrzyn — Costume Design

Shaun Bellavia — Prop Design

Alan Trinca — Assistant Fight Choreographer

Andrew Adolf — Assistant Fight Choreographer

Lukia Costello — Photographer

Tim Stegner — Marketing Designer