Written by Frank Wedekind | Directed by Megan Callahan (2014)

Young, enigmatic Lulu is a blank canvas for men’s fantasies. Her rise and fall in the circus of a greedy society illuminates the danger of desire and wishfulfillment.


Lulu — Sophia Howes

Schwarz/Casti-Piani/John 2 — Christopher Evans

Goll/Schigolch — Jon Joy

Schoning/John 1 — Larry Smith

Alva — PJ Tighe

Countess Geschwitz — Jamie Doktor

Jack — Stefan Brundage

Production Staff

Director — Megan Callahan

Set Design— Kristina Siegel

Lighting Design— Patty Rihn

Video Design — Brian Milbrand

Sound Design — Todd Lesmeister

Costume Design — Jessica Wegrzyn

Stage Manager — Emily Pederson

Assistant Stage Manager — Hannah Alt

Video Technician — Matt Biehl

Production Assistants — Gary Ptak; Dan Toner

Prop Design — Shaun Bellavia

Dramaturg — Katie Mallinson

Movement Consultant — Nicole M. Dilwig

Fight Consultant — Mary Beth Lacki