Response Performance Fest 2017

Response Performance Fest 2017

Response Performance Fest 2017


Our second annual Response Performance Festival featured the the work of two internationally acclaimed companies, Palissimo Company and 600 Highwaymen, both hailing from New York City, as well as Torn Space’s original work, The Gathering. This year also featured guest lecturers and a virtual reality piece from FLATSITTER.



Performed at Silo City, 20 Childs Street, Buffalo NY

Torn Space Theater once again returns to the industrial setting of Buffalo’s Silo City. Collaborating with local artists, technicians, and performers, The Gathering will focus on ideas of surveillance and autonomy, combining the artifacts and ideologies of our collective experience into a singular spectacle. |  Read more



Performed at The Adam Mickiewicz Dramatic Circle, 612 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo NY 

Conceived as a visceral, physically demanding and courageous solo for the Slovak dancer Jaro Viňarský, Bastard draws upon a crucial scene from Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial 1956 novel The Painted Bird—a bird captured by a human is brilliantly painted and then freed to return to its flock, only to be violently killed by its own kind as a perceived interloper. |



Performed at The Adam Mickiewicz Dramatic Circle, 612 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo NY

The Fever tests the limits of individual and collective responsibility, and our willingness to be there for one another. Performed in complete collaboration with the audience, it examines how we assemble, organize and care for the bodies around us. Who will you be when our eyes are on you? What will we see when we all look your way?  |


Accompanying the performance festival were the following guest speaker events at the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle:

  • Saturday August 19, 5pm – Visiting Lecture Series featuring Kimberly Jannarone, Professor of Theater Arts at UC Santa Cruz.  In 2017-18, she will be a Fellow at the National Humanities Center to complete her book, Mass Performance, which will examine the history and theory of the under-studied phenomenon of cultural leaders creating events with thousands of people performing the same thing at the same time.
  • Saturday August 19, Post-Performance (Bastard, 7:30pm) – Artist’s Talk with Pavel Zuštiak, founder and Artistic Director of Palissimo Company.
  • Saturday September 16th, 5:30pm – Roundtable discussion with Jacob Gallagher-Ross (University of Toronto) alongside a diverse range of scholars from the University at Buffalo co-sponsored by the University at Buffalo Humanities Institute’s Performance Research Workshop.
  • Saturday September 16th, Post-Performance (The Fever 7:30pm) – Artist’s Talk with 600 Highwaymen co-founders Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone.




FLATSITTER is an interdisciplinary collaborative that incorporates video, film, software programming, performance and installation.The Dream Wanderer is a transit shuttle that has been converted into a mobile gallery delivering original avant-garde virtual reality experiences to diverse audiences across the US and Mexico. Since December 2016, The Dream Wanderer has visited dozens of cities and delivered “gorgeous and immersive” VR experiences to over 4,000 people. The original VR work being exhibited is titled “Lily Dale” and is a virtual reality exploration of spiritualism and the afterlife. This experience features a custom-drawn tarot deck and 20 different VR vignettes for multiple viewings.|