Jobs & Internships

We are always looking for collaborators and volunteers. To work with us please contact



Torn Space accepts volunteer interns on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The work consists of administrative support, audience development, assistance with our technical and design crews in both pre-production and performance; in addition we want to begin archival work of our video, photography, and sound scores and we will need assistance with this.

The internship program at Torn Space does not have a defined format; each project can be tailored around the proficiencies of the individual and the current needs of Torn Space. We want this experience to be rewarding and meaningful for everyone involved so let us know what interests you; if you have an idea for an internship we would be interested in learning about it.

Torn Space is a small company and your work will make a real difference in helping us bring exciting and original work to WNY.

To Apply

To apply for an internship, please send an email outlining your interests and a resume to