From the Critics

Congratulations to Torn Space Theater and its innovative Response Festival for rooting itself in an understanding of the local while at the same time looking beyond its borders to carry contemporary performance ideas to the people of Buffalo.

– Bonnie Marranca – PAJ: A Journal of Art and Performance


There might be nothing more exciting happening in Buffalo performance than Torn Space’s work at Silo City. 

– The Buffalo Spree


“…an explosion of what “theater” means. More than perhaps any other production in the company’s storied history of pushing boundaries and defying definitions, it forces viewers to rethink and expand their own ideas of what theater or performance can be.”

– The Buffalo News


“…conceived on a scale most theatre companies can only dream of.”

– PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art


One of the true joys of summer in Buffalo is enjoying Torn Space Theater’s yearly performances set in Silo City. This theater troupe magically transforms the detritus of Buffalo-past into visceral scenes of post apocalyptic anarchy (They Kill Things), the celebration of our glorious past as ghosts in the present (Burden), or the worshipping of flora spirits through harvest magick (Feast). Torn Spaces continues to turn theater on its head in the most artistic manner.

– Buffalo Food Otaku


-a mesmerizing melange which I couldn’t look away from.

– No Proscenium


From The Atlantic Cities

The Best Thing My City Did Last Year

“Among the many noteworthy projects that played a role in removing the rust from that corridor, none was more ambitious or awe-inspiring than Torn Space Theater’s environmental theater production Motion Picture. For two nights in August, the project transformed one gritty corner of the sprawling complex know as Silo City into an enormous stage: Digital projections flickered across the rounded silos of a hulking of grain elevator while actors, horseback-riders, war re-enactors and one helicopter pilot acted out a grandiose tale of love and longing for the past on the ground and in the airspace above the site.” – Colin Dabkowski as featured in The Atlantic‘s, Atlantic Cites 

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