From the Critics

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On Detour

A Nightmare Roadtrip comes to life in Torn Space’s Detour

“Matthew Clinton Sekellick’s disconcerting and often electrically charged adaptation of the noir film “Detour,” is effective enough to make you wake up in a cold sweat.”

– Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

From The Atlantic Cities

The Best Thing My City Did Last Year

“Among the many noteworthy projects that played a role in removing the rust from that corridor in 2013, none was more ambitious or awe-inspiring than Torn Space Theater’s environmental theater production Motion Picture. For two nights in August, the project transformed one gritty corner of the sprawling complex know as Silo City into an enormous stage: Digital projections flickered across the rounded silos of a hulking of grain elevator while actors, horseback-riders, war re-enactors and one helicopter pilot acted out a grandiose tale of love and longing for the past on the ground and in the airspace above the site.”

– Colin Dabkowski as featured in The Atlantic‘s, Atlantic Cites 

From Artvoice

52 Theater Highlights of 2013 by Anthony Chase

#20: Blood on the Cat’s Neck
“Dan Shanahan of Torn Space Theater took on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Blood on the Cat’s Neck, in a leisurely, arguably ritualistic production featuring Jessica Wegrzyn as an extraterrestrial bent on destruction. Angie Shriner, Diane Gaidry, Becky Globus, Christopher Standart, Johnny Toohill, Andy Kottler, James Wilde, Ivan Rodriguez, and Bonnie Jean Taylor also populated this disturbing yet fascinating drama.”

#35: Uncle Vanya
“At times, Torn Space Theater veers so far away from characters and storytelling so as to depart from the realm of theater altogether. Sometimes, however, they forge into familiar territory to create something new. That was the case with their July production of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, which featured a realistic first half, looking out through a bank of windows on an upper floor of the Dnipro Ukrainian Center on Genesee Street onto Buffalo’s East Side, and a second act in which the seats were reconfigured to face the opposite direction, looking into an entirely expressionistic setting of draperies and videos. Megan Callahan directed.”

#43: A Clockwork Orange
“Alan Trinca turned heads with his performance as Alex in the Torn Space production of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange in October.”

– Anthony Chase, Artvoice

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