Torn Space Theater’s RESPONSE: PERFORMANCE SERIES returns for its sixth year with all world-premiere performances.

Torn Space Theater is launching a new season of original works designed for outdoor experiences in 2021 focusing on community, our Broadway Fillmore neighborhood and Silo City. Works developed within this series will bring audiences to performance spaces in our newly-renovated home at the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, the surrounding lots, Artpark, and back to Silo City with artists collaborating to explore new forms of contemporary performance and creative placemaking. All performances will conform to NYS health and safety guidelines with respect to COVID-19*. The 2021 season includes a Public Art and Social Justice Research Project with Lafayette International High School, Agents of Change (installation running throughout the summer with a public performance event on June 5); Intersection/Prototype (June 18, 20, July 16-18), a prototype performance installation by Torn Space; the world premiere of the postponed music and video experience by Kenneth Collins of Temporary Distortion entitled Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue (July 16-18); and Torn Space’s newest site-specific work for Silo City, and the sun sets in golden circles (August 6-22).

Torn Space Theater’s annual early harvest ritual at Silo City

and the sun sets in golden circles
By Torn Space Theater

Dates: August 6-22, Friday-Sunday, rain dates each following Monday: 8/9, 8/16, 8/23, All shows 7:30 PM
Location: Silo City – 85 Silo City Row Buffalo, NY 14203
Tickets: $30 General

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Every Summer since 2013, Torn Space has designed a site-based performance on the grounds of the expansive and majestic Silo City. This year TST explores new terrain with their original work, and the sun sets in golden circles.

Engage in competition and cooperation with the society and the community as Torn Space repositions field day events and confronts the questions:

Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
Where are we going?

Audiences will collectively view the opening ceremonies on the newly designed soccer pitch at Silo City, be broken up into groups of 25 to experience individual stations of field games while listening to the history of the universe, enjoy occasional stop off’s at beverage areas, and then come together around the magnificent cottonwood tree at dusk for the final story.  We ask that audience members wear shades of white, off-white or grey. Audience members will occasionally be asked to join a brief tableau with other audience members at the start of each station.  Audience participation is completely voluntary.

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Agents of Change
A community collaboration between Torn Space Theater, Just Buffalo Literary Center and Lafayette International High School.

Dates: Live event June 5, public mural installation ongoing through summer 2021
Venue: Live event – Torn Space Theater – 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212; Mural Installation – Brayton St. and West Utica in the Five Points District
Tickets: Free, Reservations required

Experience the Digital Installation

Agents of Change is an outreach project with a focus on education, community involvement in both the East and West sides of Buffalo, performance, public art and storytelling. It is a collaboration between Lafayette International High School, Just Buffalo Literary Center and Torn Space. Agents of Change provides the community access to the arts, highlights local community members, and activates businesses and architectural assets in Buffalo neighborhoods. The students will be creating a semi-permanent public installation on Buffalo’s West side in the Five Points neighborhood. The portraits will be displayed at Torn Space for a performance installation open to the public free of charge bridging communities and city organizations.