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The Illusion & The Aftermath
Temporary Distortion | Part of the 2019 RESPONSE: Performance Series

This performance by Temporary Distortion unfolds slowly over the course of six-hours for a meditating audience. Meditation cushions and headphones are provided for the audience to come and go as they wish, staying for only as long as they would like. For someone in the room without headphones, the performance is virtually silent.

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Dates: June 7-8, 2019
Venue: AMLDC 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212
Tickets: $25

Torn Space Theater | Part of the 2019 RESPONSE: Performance Series

Torn Space returns to Silo City with its seventh original site-specific spectacle. This intimate production will feature award winning local chef Steven Gedra of The Black Sheep. At sundown we will join together to celebrate light, to contemplate the passage of time and witness transformation. Circled around an old willow tree we will engage in light, sound, performance, drink and food as the sun sets into the darkness. A table will be custom designed for the guests and act as the performance space; as speeches, images, and specially prepared experiences begin to take over.

Dates: August 9-11, 16-18, 2019
Venue: Silo City – 105 Silo City Row Buffalo, NY 14203
Tickets: $30

Custodians of Beauty
Palissimo Company | Part of the 2019 RESPONSE: Performance Series

WNY Premiere by award-winning Palissimo Company. Custodians of Beauty forges towards abstraction, minimalism, and restrained expressive modes while amplifying potency of an image; human body as sculpture, emotional trigger, or a political symbol. In an age when humanity, disenchanted with itself, seems to have rejected the necessity of beauty, Custodians of Beauty asks us to look again, beyond the surface, to see differently.

Dates: September 20-21, 2019
Venue: Nichols Flickinger Performing Arts Center, 1250 Amherst St. Buffalo, NY 14216
Tickets: $30

Manmade Earth
600 HIGHWAYMEN | Part of the 2019 RESPONSE: Performance Series

Manmade Earth features eight teenagers living in Buffalo from across the globe. Having workshopped the piece from scratch for the 2018 Response Festival, 600 HIGHWAYMEN’s work returns in its final iteration following a NYC premiere.

Manmade Earth is at the intersection of performance and installation, continuing 600 HWM’s singular trajectory of making work both for and by community. In this piece, an ever-shifting landscape of objects and materials are manipulated by the performers, examining the evolution of our society; how we come together to create what we could not on our own. Buildings get built, destroyed, built again. How do the structures that we make push us together or keep us apart?

Dates: October 4-12, 2019
Venue: AMLDC 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212
Tickets: $30

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