Agents of Change

A Celebration of Community Leaders Returns with Students of Lafayette International High School and a New Mural

Mural Installation – June 6th in Larkinville at 829 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210

Live Performance Event – Cancelled due to scheduling conflict

Agents of Change is an outreach project with a focus on education, community involvement in both the East and West sides of Buffalo, performance, public art and storytelling. It is a collaboration between Lafayette International High School, Just Buffalo Literary Center and Torn Space. Agents of Change provides the community access to the arts, highlights local community members, and activates businesses and architectural assets in Buffalo neighborhoods. The students will be creating a semi-permanent public installation in Buffalo’s Larkinville neighborhood. The portraits will be displayed at Torn Space for a performance installation open to the public free of charge bridging communities and city organizations.

See the 2021 Digital Mural