Site-based work designed for Artpark and the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood

Torn Space Theater

Dates: June 18, 20 at Artpark, July 16-18 at Torn Space, 8:00 PM
Venue: Artpark – 450 S. 4th St. Lewiston, NY 14092, Torn Space – 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212
Tickets: $15 Tickets sold separately for Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue at Torn Space.

Intersection/Prototype is a site-based performance installation designed for the color field open space of Niagara 1979 on the grounds of Artpark and for open green space behind Torn Space Theater. Audiences are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets for seating.

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Torn Space will collaborate with a local Bengali cricket team and to stage a live cricket match at dusk. As the sun begins to set, theatrical lightening and a designed soundscape with pre-recorded text will become integrated with the game, altering the context and positioning the game within a designed performance environment. As the game progresses and night arrives, selected automobiles will enter into a choreographed routine highlighting the ceremonial color field of Niagara 1979, where headlights and machines engage with the surrounding landscape. This performance will then be re-staged on an open city lot behind Torn Space and be presented prior to audiences entering Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue.

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