Written and Directed by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola (2018)


About the Performance

A flame, an altar, a figure, a fugue…

Torn Space believes in the power of symbolic ritual and gathering together.  This time of the season the daylight is waning and the earth moves towards dormancy.  Many cultures around the world celebrate this darkness with a bringing forth of light and coming together to give thanks for what was and prepare for what will be.  This evening we invite you to witness the bringing of light to darkness and sound to the silence.

The tour leads from the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle, to an outdoor sculpture, to the towering sanctuary of St. Stanislaus Church for a private concert featuring a compilation of Bach’s organ fugues. Finish with a locally-prepared autumnal meal (Friday and Saturday performances only).

Stations of the Performance

The Gathering – Meet inside the Mickiewicz bar and share a taste of honeyed liqueur

The Intention – We invite you to light a flame for the neighborhood: Past, Present and Future

The Arrival of the Light –Gather around a light sculpture constructed of dolomitic limestone estimated to be 450 million years old.  Listen to a mediation on time and place. Pass by an Altar to Hekate, the Trifold Liminal Goddess whose night begins at sundown on November 16th. 

The Church – “Teach us to sit still”, as we witness an addition and then the removal of light, while a figure passes before us.

The Continuation of Light – A final element is put into place, “having to construct something upon which to rejoice”.

The Meal – Share a meal together as we prepare for the winter and future endeavors