A Personal Performance Experience by Torn Space Theater

Dates: Ongoing

Tickets: Free, Donations Welcome

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Torn Space explores themes of meditation, nature, and connection with Silence, a new personal performance experience. Silence functions as a companion piece to the sold out live performance at Silo City by the same name. Whether listeners experienced the live performance or not, this auditory Silence offers a new intimate interaction with text by Sufi poet Rumi and a natural setting of the listener’s choice. The personal performance experience will be available via the Torn Space website for free or with a donation.

Torn Space encourages listeners to engage in a personal ceremony with Silence by following instruction to walk, notice their surroundings, the passage of time, and to move with the audio through the directional points of North, South, East and West. Audiences living in or around Buffalo, NY are encouraged to experience the piece while walking along the Outer Harbor with the expanse of Lake Erie to accompany them, or Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park. Audiences outside the WNY region may choose a beautiful, ideally natural, setting of their choice.

This personal ceremony creates a space to process the year’s unprecedented events as well as cultivate our mental soil and sow the seeds of aspiration in preparation of the coming months.

For Silence, listeners are encouraged to follow a set of instructions for the best experience:

  • Prepare a vessel of water for your journey, a bottle, flask, canteen or cup as you prefer.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking and movement.
  • Identify North, South, East and West just before beginning the audio track.
  • Choose your favorite time of day to experience the piece.
  • Choose a beautiful place to experience the piece. If you live in Buffalo, NY, the Outer Harbor walking paths are recommended.
  • This is a solitary experience; while you may travel with another person you should stay within your own space.
  • The experience lasts 40 minutes.
  • Sound provides the entrance; access the sound through headphones or the best means possible.

Admission is free, but donations are welcome. For technical instruction:

  • Because this piece is streamed, you will need to use wifi or your mobile data plan.
  • If accessing from a mobile phone, the experience requires as much data as streaming a few songs.
  • If you are using a mobile device be sure that it’s fully charged before venturing out.
  • For the best experience, headphones are recommended.
  • Activate the “Do Not Disturb” setting on phone to avoid disruption from phone calls or messages.
  • If you have any difficulty accessing the piece, email: 

Silence features sound design by Justin Rowland and performance by Holly Kirkpatrick. It was directed by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola, with logistical support and marketing design from Tim Stegner and additional support from Managing Director Marisa Caruso. Excerpts of Silence first appeared in the live Torn Space performance by the same name. It has been modified for this solo experience release.


Sound Design by Justin Rowland
by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola
by Holly Kirkpatrick
Marketing Design and Logistics
by Tim Stegner
Technical and Logistics Support by Marisa Caruso

Original run: November 20 – December 20, 2020

This performance uses sound from the following recordings:

J S Bach The six cello suites Pablo Casals, 1936 39
Cello – Pablo Casals
Composed By – Johann Sebastian Bach
Recorded 1939, Paris

Additional soundscapes by Frank Napolski

Text used in this performance from Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks.

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This project is made possible through the generous support of the Cullen Foundation, NYSCA and The Regional Economic Development Council, Erie County and M&T Bank.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting the work that we do.