Written and Directed by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola | PART OF THE RESPONSE PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL (2018)

About the Performance

Since 2013 Torn Space’s work at Silo City has centered around a fictitious society. Each year the Society gathers together to celebrate the Early Harvest. The Harvest is metaphorical – Representing what has been cultivated familially, locally, and globally. This year the enactments and rituals take the form of “stations”. These are are inspired by:

  • States of Being and Consciousness
  • Vibration, Frequency and Energy Transference
  • Celebration of Light, Sound, Space and Existence
  • Each station is processing an element that will contribute to the arrival of a new beginning.


Bloodletting is the extracting, refining and delivering of trauma to the Conveyor who carries its incarnation of Burden.

Sound Design: Justin Rowland

Light: Greg Robertson


In Boundary the outlines are crossed; the incarnation of Burden is revealed. Burden will absorb the trauma and carry it.

Installation: Olivier Pasquet


Bliss is performed by a ritual that extracts bliss.

Installation: Frank Napolski

Choreography: Alexia Buono


In Bath the incarnation of Healing attends to herself through rhythms, waters and various oils.

Installation: Kristina Siegel

Gong Performance: Liz Holland

Light: Greg Robertson


In the reveal, memories are exorcised. The incarnation of Burden and the incarnation of Healing come together, healing absorbs burden and a new beginning is created.

Video Design: Brian Milbrand Light: Greg Robertson

TRANSITION (Dispersed throughout the performance)

At the conclusion of each station, the audience is brought into the Transition. Within this space, the builders are preparing the site for the arrival of the light.

Sound Design: Avi Amon

Video Mapping: Brian Milbrand

Installation: MJ Meyers, Justin Leis, Harrington Yarborough, Chris Kameck


This experience featured a serene boat ride on the canal surrounding the scenic grain silos, accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by Torn Space sound designers. This nautical journey was a quest to gather the healing properties used within the Stations. A wine and hors d’oeuvres reception set the stage for this meditative journey.

Sound Design: Justin Rowland

STATIONS August 2018. Full video by FLATSITTER.

This past summer, Torn Space collaborated with local, national and international artists to create STATIONS at Silo City. Relive the experience by watching FLATSITTER's video capturing the essence of the show. STATIONS centered around a fictional society celebrating the early harvest amongst the ruins of the silos, and swathed audiences in light and sound. #tornspace

Posted by Torn Space Theater on Friday, October 5, 2018