Written and Directed by Dan Shanahan (2014)

Storehouse is Torn Space Theater’s third and most immersive exploration of Buffalo’s iconic grain elevators. The iconic American Warehouse at Silo City will be transformed into a repository for the significant moments that mark an individual’s life. The narrative draws upon stages of psychosocial development, re-imagining the interior spaces of the warehouse and surrounding landscape of Silo City as points of human development from infancy to late adulthood. Portions of the performance offer unprecedented access to the complex.


Pep Rally Participants — St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute Arts & College Program

Woman — Diane Gaidry

Man — David Hayes

Boy — Gavin Watson

Crooner in Water Bar — Daniel Henderson

Dancers in Water Bar — Bonnie Jean Taylor, Molly Grace Taylor

Suspended Figure — Timothy McPeek

Voice, reading poems by John Updike — David Landrey

Hooligans — MJ Myers, Harrington Yarborough, Justin Leis, Paul Podsiadlo, Ryan Flory

Boxers — Kevin Cunningham, Pietro Muscato

Drummers — Justin Rowland, RyanMcMullen

Cocktail Waitress — Jessica Wegrzyn

Film Crew — Brian Milbrand, Vincenzo Mistretta, Lizzie Finnegan, Eliseo Ortiz

Optical Printing — Eric Coombs, Sarah Biagini

Lab Technicians — Eric Coombs, Sarah Biagini, Ruth Goldman, Jan Nagle

Film Loop Construction — Gary Ptak

Production Staff

Director — Dan Shanahan

Technical Director of Project — John Rickus

Stage Manager — Emily Pederson

Lighting Designer — John Rickus, Carlie Todoro-Rickus

Production Design — Melissa Meola-Shanahan

Sound Designer — Justin Rowland

Costume Designer— Jess Wegrzyn

Video Designer — Brian Milbrand, Eric Coombs

Installation Artist—Hooligans — MJ Myers

Installation Artist—Downstairs Platform — Frank Napolski

Choreography of Cheerleaders — Alexia Buono

Sound Engineers — Katie Menke, Eric Burlingame

Production Assistant — Gary Ptak

Technical Assistant — Jay Clark

Rigging — Scott Selin

Production Assistant — Daniel Toner, Tim Stegner