They Kill Things

Written and Directed by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola (2015)

Video by Flatsitter

They Kill Things will transform Silo City into an epic landscape, focusing on a secluded society celebrating the summer harvest as they prepare for the arrival of a visiting traveler.

Audiences will be given first times access to the upper floors of The Malt House and Perot, which evolve from a processing facility with brick ovens and stable-like interiors to a stunning modernist factory. Groups of visitors will encounter a series of fractured mediations on death, rebirth, killing and conception while being offered an unprecedented view of the surrounding landscape and waterways from the upper floors. The production will at times shift narrative focus, bringing complete attention to the architecture and machinery of the preserved factory, connecting the Western frontier motif to the industrial exploration and expansion of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Collaborators for this year’s site-specific spectacle include video designer Brian Milbrand, lighting designers John Rickus and Carlie Todoro-Rickus, sound designer Justin Rowland, installations by MJ Myers, Frank Napolski, and Tim Stegner, as well as the talents of many visual artists, dancers, actors, community groups and musicians.