From the works of Samuel Beckett | Directed by Vincent O’Neill

Endwords follows the journey of a tenacious wanderer, the reoccurring tramp figure of Beckett’s works, as he wrestles with the meaning of his life. Through comical experiences and insightful observations he revisits his past and finds a sort of peace in his future. This array of materials has been compiled from Beckett’s plays and much from his lesser known novels, which reveal a great sense of humor, drama and storytelling at its most entertaining.

The Beckett Estate has granted exclusive rights for a revival of the 1990 production of Endwords, adapted by Vincent & Chris O’Neill from the works of Samuel Beckett. This performance which premiered at Buffalo’s Franklin Street Theater (now the Chop House!) and New York City’s Irish Repertory Theatre will again be directed by Vincent O’Neill, Artistic Director of Buffalo’s Irish Classical Theatre Company and performed by actor David Oliver.

In 1990 the original rights to perform this Beckett compilation, Endwords, was granted to the O’Neill brothers by Barney Rosset, creator of the magazine Evergreen Review which first published the seminal Beat writers of the 50’s. He was owner of Grove Press which published Beckett, Genet, Pinter and Ionesco thus being the first to introduce these essential writers to the American consciousness. It was Rosset who won a legal battle to publish the uncensored version of D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover in the United States, and in 1964, won Supreme Court affirmation to publish Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. A true pioneer for free speech and First Amendment rights, Barney still lives in New York and has given his blessing to this revival of Endwords.