The Devils

Written by John Whiting | Directed by Dan Shanahan

Based on Aldous Huxley’s The Devils of Loudon, The Devils centers on the historical circumstances that befell Father Urbain Grandier, an acting official of the fortified city of Loudon, France. By 1634 the city, infected with the plague, attempted to hold onto its sovereignty while maintaining the protection of its protestant populace; while a move towards a central government was being put forth in Paris. Should the walls come down around Loudon the Protestants would meet an unfortunate fate. Within the cloister of the provincial French Nunnery at Loudon, Sister Jeanne of the Angels has become demented with her love for Father Grandier. Although he gives his love to many, the hunched back Sister Jeanne is not among them; in retaliation she accuses the priest of witchcraft. Wishing to rid the town of Grandier and believing him to be responsible for the walls, Cardinal Richelieu takes advantage of the nun’s story to have the Priest brought up on charges of diabolism, hoping to finally purge Loudon’s protestant community once and for all.