The Outlaw Show

The Real Dream Cabaret in association with Torn Space Theater (2011)
Performed by The Real Dream Cabaret

John Carroci, Holly Johnson, Elizabeth Knipe, Brian Milbrand, Music by David Kane

Supporting Music

Additional Music by Reactionary Ensemble (Kevin Cain and T. Andrew Trump)

Supporting Cast

Kyle Butler, Jax Deluca, Ron Ehmke, Leslie Fineberg, Tom Holt, Erienne Keleher, Vince Mistretta, Jared Mobarak, Eamonn O’Connor, Swing Buffalo, Chris Uebbing

Outlaws of the Week

Steve Kurtz, Leslie Pickering Guest Artists: Neil Coletta, Jennifer DeMarsh, Brendan Orrange, Sarah Paul, Lisa van Wambeck, Lindsay Zasada


Lighting – Patty Rihn

Stage and Technical Manager — Chris Stowell

Set Construction — Gary Ptak