Award Winning Filmmaker Korey Green’s New Film, The Blackness Project, Seeks to Rewrite America’s Racial Narrative

“When all jobs, bank loans … were set aside for whites. It was not white privilege. It was racism in America.” 

“Our job is to raise the level of consciousness so that they can begin to understand the relationship of their misery and pain and our misery and pain.”


The above quotes are drawn from interviews featured in The Blackness Project. The individuals are responding to controversial topics about race discussed in the 2014 documentary, The Whiteness Project. 

The Blackness Project, created by award winning film producer, Korey Green, seeks to rewrite America’s racial narrative. The film is a feature length educational documentary about culture and race from the African American perspective. Although inspired by conversations about The Whiteness Project, a documentary in which participants discuss race and the perceived loss of white privilege by white Americans, Green’s film has a greater mission:

“With this film we have a desire to inform, share voices that may not have been heard, elevate the power of inclusion and encourage serious conversations. It is important to know that we do not seek to divide with this project, but to encourage serious conversations that lead to community-led solutions,” stated Director Korey Green, and Executive Producer Peter Johnson.

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